“Bat”urday at the World Bird Sanctuary


Yesterday we attended an event called “Bat”urday, held by the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, MO.  We all love pretty much anything outdoors, and if there are animals involved, all the better, so it was sure to please!  Personally, I LOVE bats.  I always have.  As a child the bats were my favorite animals to visit at the zoo.  I remember when we’d go fishing and the bats would come out in the evening and swarm above us, hitting the end of our fishing poles, I was always so happy to see them.  I’ve never been afraid of them or thought they were anything less than beautiful…  I was probably more excited than the kids to visit the bats and learn about them… and they were pretty excited!  Coen kept asking if Freddy the Fruit Bat would be there (Freddy is a character from the Go, Diego, Go! cartoons, and the bats we were visiting were fruit bats).  Juelie was excited to see them because she’s a long time fan of Stellaluna, and Behn, well, he’s pretty excited about any opportunity to get out of the house and run wild.  I don’t think he cared much about the bats.

When we arrived we were excited to see that it was hosted by Whole Foods Market and they were giving away Raw Revolution bar samples (a raw vegan brownie bar).  Score!  I was so excited someone was handing my kids a treat I don’t feel the need to confiscate!  We headed inside and saw the fruit bats, pet a bunny, saw many beautiful owls (one of my other most favorite animals), and we saw a huge albino anaconda… which Behn was terrified of.  Oh, there was also an armadillo.  I really like armadillos, too.  We saw a lot of really neat animals inside, watched the show on bats at the amphitheater, and checked out all the outdoor animals.  It was a really nice day.  A wee bit chilly for me, but sunny and beautiful and everyone was fairly content just walking around and enjoying the place.  Afterward we drove across the street and wandered through Lone Elk Park which is a drive trough animal sanctuary.  We didn’t see a whole lot of wildlife, a few deer, a few geese, and some buffalo, but it was a nice drive.

Coen's photography of Kolby

Coen’s photography of Kolby

Coen's photography of a barn owl at the show

Coen’s photography of a barn owl

Coen's self photography

Coen’s self photography

Aren't the beautiful!

Aren’t they gorgeous?!!

Behn gave the bird a donation and the bird gave him a magnet in return : )

This bird took Behn’s donation from his had and gave him a magnet in return

Silly kids


I heart turkeys.  Look at that beautiful thing!  Have you even seen anything so amazing??  How can anyone want to kill it and eat it... I'm seriously in awe, I could just stare at it for hours!

Turkeys are another of my favorite animals.  They’re SO amazingly beautiful, I can’t imagine having a desire to eat one… I just want to look at it!

Discovering a silk worm

We came across several silk worms

A buffalo at Lone Elk Park

A buffalo at Lone Elk Park


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