That’s How We Roll: Easter!


Easter is one of those “all about the food” holidays.  Actually, I can’t think of a holiday that isn’t… even Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day tend to be connected to cookouts and red-white-and-blue cupcakes.   It really seems that for many of us, the meaning of the celebration gets lost in the gluttony of the celebrating.  Now, to be clear, I beleive that foods is an enjoyable thing and that its meant to be, and I enjoy holiday foods as much as anyone… BUT I do have issues with the reason we’re celebrating taking backseat to overstuffing ourselves with damaging substances.  For this reason, I make a real effort to prepare my family for holidays in advance, teaching what the holiday is about for days leading up to it and getting us all into the spirit.  I keep the food items simple and make healthier versions of them.  Also, I’m big on holiday traditions and try to incorporate creative traditions that we all enjoy and that stand as a reminder to each of us what the holiday is all about.

Easter was my favorite holiday growing up.  Why?  Because chocolate was my favorite “food”!  My mom did holidays BIG and every Easter morning we’d wake up to huge Easter baskets stuffed with candy, gifts, and (of course) a chocolate bunny bigger than our heads.  We were never restricted, we were free to eat all or nothing.  My sister’s candy would last months.  Mine would last… well, it wouldn’t.  I would eat until I was sick and keep right on going.  A sugar addict pretty much from birth I had absolutely no self control.  Knowing my love for Easter my mom continued to give me my beloved Easter baskets through my 18th year.  Now here I am at age 31 with my own children, having broken free from the addiction and developed a passion for health.  My children do not get Easter baskets, and I make no apologies.  If you’ve ever had an addiction of any kind, its probably not something you would wish on your kids or intentionally attempt to foster in them.

So here’s how Easter works in a home where dad is a Chiropractor and mom is a Health Coach : )

We read a few stories and talked a bit about Easter leading up to it.  Christ is the focal point of our lives, so I kind of feel like the spirit of Christmas and Easter are with us to some degree throughout the year without needing to put in any special effort.  The day before Easter we dyed some eggs.  This is the first year in 3 years we colored eggs, and it was Coen’s first time ever (previous years we ate more vegan foods, we now eat eggs and goat cheese on occasion).  After that we had our usual Saturday night family movie night (we watched Lady and the Tramp, so classic!).

Sunday morning Kolby made the kids special breakfast omelets, which is a rare happening in our house because the kids and I typically eat fruit in the mornings.  The kids drew on their colored eggs with markers and I made cinnamon rolls, per their request when asked what dessert they would like for their Easter treat.  I found a recipe using spelt flour and coconut sugar, here.  I used real butter though, instead of coconut oil, although I would have been fine with using coconut oil as well.  I didn’t make the icing from the recipe, I just made a buttercream glaze with about 1/2 cup of coconut sugar ground into powder in a coffee grinder, 4 TBS softened butter, 1 tsp alcohol-free vanilla, and about 2-3 TBS coconut milk.  I blended it together with the hand mixer until it was creamy and poured it over the rolls when they were almost cooled, but still a little warm.  I was excited, after calculating, to find that the calories from fat in these are much lower than I’d feared, I can actually eat 3 of them at once if I didn’t have any added fat for the day. (!!!!)

We got ready and went to church, we left at 12:30 and returned around 4:30, during which time we indulged in Eater messages and sang Eater hymns.  The kids did get a couple of little candies from church that they ate.  I made dinner (large salad, roasted Brussels sprouts and mashed red potatoes, plus ham for Kolby) and we ate.   Kolby hid the eggs in the front yard… well, sort of… he actually just put most of them on the ground.  It was a lazy man’s egg hunt that lasted all of about 2 minutes.  I was planning to do it in the backyard but he didn’t manage to finish mowing yesterday.  We came inside and the kids popped the eggs open.  What we’ve done for several years now, in lieu of gifts and candy, is to put strips of paper in the eggs with “gifts” written on them… like a place we will visit, something we will do as a family, or a special choice they get, such as getting to pick the family movie night movie or any dinner they want.

Next, we grabbed a few books I got from the library and headed to our bed where we all cuddled up and read.  The kids and I cuddled and read, that is, Kolby cuddled and snored and is still out now, four hours later.  Anyway, the first book we read “The Sparrow’s Eater Song” was poorly written and not very entertaining or educational.  The second book, “He is Alive!” was beautifully written and illustrated and made for some great conversation and learning opportunities concerning the last week of the Savior’s life.  It was a little long though, so we didn’t have time to read the third book.  Maybe tomorrow.

Last, we went to the kitchen and ate our cinnamon rolls, and yeah, I ate three!  Because I could.

Eating/coloring eggs


Unrelated to Eater festivities, in the middle of the day Coen popped out of my bedroom wearing my jammie pants and thinking himself quite clever.

Eater story lineup

Canyon was sad in the window wanting to come out and hunt eggs too!

Coen got so excited running to show me his eggs, he totally biffed it and lost his eggs all over the driveway… luckily brother and sister were nice enough to assist!

Then we got inside and Coen biffed it again and lost his eggs all across the living room, daddy helped this time : )

Finding *gifts* in the eggs

The cinnamon rolls, coconut sugar isn’t white, so the icing is a little different looking, but rather yummy

Happy kids!

Eat dem rolls, Behny!

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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