Spitting in the Earth -or- Growing Your Own Physician


This evening my 10 year old (just turned 10 today, Happy Birthday Juels!) daughter and I were chatting with a friend about the recent hail storm we had that destroyed cars and homes all over our town.  We got to talking about the garden and how the hail damaged our beet sprouts when my daughter, quite matter-of-factly says, “Yeah, what a waste of good spit!”  I didn’t quite know what to say.  How do you explain to someone that you spit in your garden?  Or do you just gloss over it and leave them to wonder?  I did the latter.  Its too much to explain in casual conversation and to someone who isn’t necessarily looking for the information.  But, for those who are curious, here is the explaination.

If you haven’t yet read The Ringing Cedars series by Vladimir Megre, you’re really missing out!  These books chronicle the teachings the author received from his interactions with a woman, Anastasia, who was raised in the wilderness with not even so much as a shelter.  Anastasia is a pool of innate wisdom.  She knows and accomplishes what is in our own power, yet we have forgotten to the point that many of us may view her insights as “crazy.”  I have to admit, some things she said seemed, initially, a little “out there,” even for me.  But, after thought a study it is always plain to see, Anastasia is right.  Her advice on gardening follows this pattern.

According to Anastasia (we’re pronouncing this the Russian way, by the way, say “ona-STAH-see-ya”) we can plant our gardens in such a way that plants will contain the exact formula of elements to heal our specific body.  The seeds and little plants can actually take information from our bodies, communicate with the universe, and develop healing powers within themselves capable of healing any ailment we may be suffering.

This is how we do it:

1.  Place several of the seeds under your tongue and hold them there for at least 9 minutes, while standing in the area you will be plating them.

Holding the seeds under my tongue

My daughter walking the plot with seeds under her tongue

2.  Meanwhile, prepare the soil, being sure to use your hands and feet (yes, you will need to be barefoot in the garden and your feet will get as dirty as your hands).

3.  Remain standing barefoot where the seeds will be planted.  Remove the seeds from under your tongue, place them between the palms of your hands and hold them there for for about 30 seconds.

4.  Carefully open your palms and blow gently on the seeds.

Offering my breath to the seeds, telling them all that is within me

5.  Keep you palm open for another 30 seconds, presenting the seeds to the sun.

Presenting the seeds to the celestial bodies

6.  Create holes for the seeds with your fingers and spit into the holes.  Place a seed in each hole and cover with soil.  Do not water for several days.

Juels spitting in the holes... for some reason she finds it necessary to put her face right on the hole lol


To be clear, as it may not be to some, the purpose of using the spit and feet is so that the seeds can read what toxins and dis-ease are in our bodies, and then acquire the elements to combat them.  In this way, our gardens literally become our own personally taliored pharmacies.  Seeds are magical things.  They really are.  Anastasia is right.

She also adds that we should walk the plot barefoot from time to time and suggests standing in different places first thing in the mornings and pouring water over our bodies (before showering).  Also, soaking our feet in the evenings and using the soak water to water the plants.  These may seem strange suggestions to some, but if you’re familiar with the body’s natural cleansing methods, it is actually very practical.  We’re just talking the sweat (which carries toxins from our body) and offering it to the soil for the plants to soak up.  They will use this information to formulate their fruits.  She also gives practical advice on bee keeping, which I’m very excited to try someday when we are in a long term residence.  The earth and all living things in it are our friends, are here to assist us.  All we need is to re-remember how to let them, to communicate with them, to be a friend back.  Life is not this artificial world we have built and allowed to confine us.  Life is in the natural world.  All that matters can be learned and obtained there.



Anastasia has other great insights into gardening.  See the chapter “Advice from Anastasis:  The Seed as Physician” pages 77-80 in the book Anastasia: The Ringing Cedars Series Book 1


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