Grain-Free Donuts


I love desserts.  In my past life (the one before my current cleansing life) I spent a large amount of time playing with sweets and making art out of sugar and flour.  I watched all the dessert TV shows on Food Network and constantly browsed dessert cookbooks and recipes online.  We would have people over frequently and you can bet there was always some elaborate dessert to go with each perfected meal I served.  I considered doing a wedding cake business out of my home.  To this day I have a deep love for cake art, especially cupcakes.  Is there anything cuter than a well dressed cupcake?  Its no wonder my pet name for my youngest child is “Cakes!”  Though all of this is a testament to just how deep my sugar addiction ran, even after I discovered raw foods I wanted to make and sell ice cream, cakes and pies, all raw, of course.  I’ve got a high pile of dessert recipes to try and many that I have tried and added to the family favorites collection.  We don’t eat a whole lot of sweets these days, but as a family we have a movie night once a week and I make that my chance to splurge on sweetness and have some fun in the kitchen.  Last week my youngest son, Coen, got to choose which dessert to have an he chose donuts.  My two youngest have never had donuts and its been over 4 years since my daughter and I had them.  I actually was craving donuts during my last pregnancy (my son is now 3 1/2!) and that craving continued for about 2 years after he was born.  I finally got to indulge it!

There are a lot of recipes out there for gluten-free donuts, but I’m feeling that we might actually be better off (if we choose to eat such things) eating treats made from spelt flour or making grain-free foods using coconut or almond flour.  These foods are not easy on digestion, for sure, and should not be eaten in excess, but are far better than the gluten-free foods made with things like bean flours, potato starch and flour, refined sugar, and xanthan gum.

The recipe I used for our donuts was Heather Pace’s twist on Pure 2 Raw’s Vanilla Cardamom Mini Donuts.  I didn’t have a donut maker or even a donut pan.  I put the dough into a ziploc bag, cut off the corner, and “piped” donut shapes onto a slipmat lined baking sheet (I’m sure a greased or parchment lined sheet would work, too).  I then baked them at 375 until they looked done, somewhere around 20 minutes.  For the icing I took the hand mixer and whipped room temperature butter, a little coconut milk, and maple sugar.  The icing wasn’t the greatest, but it was good on the donuts.  I was going for a maple bar effect, but failed in that respect.  These would be great with a chocolate icing, if you can tolerate chocolate.  If I were to do that I would just melt a 68% or above cocoa chocolate bar and dip them in that.  You could add a little coconut milk and sweetener and whip it up creamy too.  I’m still toying with ideas for toppings.  As you can see in the photo I also put some pecans through the coffee grinder and dipped a few in those.  I actually had the same experience as Heather with these, my first taste wasn’t the best, but when I went back and tasted them again later I really liked them.  I should note that the number of donuts you see in the photo is an entire batch, and they were about 2.5-3″ across.



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