The Most Amazing Balloon Animals


Last night we stopped by the Arthritis Walk at the university my husband attends (Logan Chiropractic College).  They had the most amazing balloon artist I have ever seen!  You can see some of his brilliant creations on his website.  He wasn’t the speediest guy in town but the hour and 45-minutes we spent in line afforded us the opportunity to witness all the fascinating creations that left his booth.  There were kids with hats taller than I am, aliens that hung off of heads, butterfly wings you can wear, smurfs, monkeys in trees, well known cartoon characters… even a pregnant poodle.  This guy does free events at restaurants around the area, check out his website for details.  Coen got dressed up as a pirate, Behn got Daffy Duck, and Juels got a puppy (not with-child, but special nonetheless).  The kids were so amused they actually stood in line willingly all that time and were well behaved at that.  It took so long all we had time to do after that was a quick run through the petting zoo, but it was still a great time being together in the cool, open evening air, and the fact that my husband was able to raise some money for a good cause and earn extra credit toward one of his more challenging classes didn’t hurt!

Excuse the grainy photos, all we had on us what the ipod : )





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