Hands On Homeschool!


We’re TJEders.  We like to make learning fun and active and incorporate learning through play for the younger kids as often as possible.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it.  The kids were SO into it!  I’d only meant to do it for the boys, but my daughter decided to make one for herself, too.  What they are is a town drawn out on cardboard for matchbox size cars.  You put things in the parking spaces and they have to drive to them.  I believe the one I saw on Pinterest was done with sight words, but we did a couple of different things.


Coen’s Letters & Numbers. I can have him drive from letter to letter in order, or as a I call them, or make the letter sound and have him drive to that letter.


Behn’s Sight Word Town


The flip-side of Behn’s… and math town! Drive from the problem to the answer.


Juelie’s Creation, with math


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