Awaiting the Rainbow: A Heart for International Adoption


I’ve wanted to adopt since I was 14 years old.  I think I always knew I wanted bio children as well as adopted children.  When my husband and I met we knew we were intended to be the parents of 6.  I already had a daughter from a previous marriage, who was 2 ½ at the time.  My husband adopted her at the age of 4.  We felt that we would have 3 birth children and adopt the other 3.  My husband is half Chinese and as we’ve looked mainly at children from China and Hong Kong we’ve joked that the first 3 are mine and the next 3 are his : )  We are interested only in special needs children, which was the draw to Hong Kong (which only adopts out special needs children), but China now has a special needs program as well.


My husband would like a hearing impaired child (he is very fluent in sign language and has a heart for the deaf community having worked as a volunteer interpreter for several years).  I’m okay with that, but my heart is with HIV+ children.  Any child over the age of 3 or with a sibling group is automatically considered special needs and we are very open to either.  Twins would be great even!  We are also looking at Ethiopia and I’ve taken a few glances at Haiti, but I’m not sure they’re open at the moment.  Not that it matters because my husband is still in school and we’ve been told we cannot adopt because of our income, which is low and mostly in the form of school loans.  He’s got 6 months of school left before graduation, so I’m hoping we can get our income up quickly and begin the adoption process as soon as possible after that.


I remember when I lived in Arizona 12 years ago, I worked with a woman who told me she wanted to adopt children of many different nationalities and have a “rainbow family.”  That image made me smile as much then as it does now and I’ve held it close to my heart all these years.  I, too, would love a rainbow family!


Never stop dreaming.  Never stop listening to your heart.  It holds the map to your destiny!



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