“Cheesy” Life Lessons


We have some pretty interesting conversations in our house.  Probably a result of a mixture of things… the fact that I’m a bit of a hippie, that we homeschool, and that my kids are wonderful little weirdos may be some of them… today we had several fantastic conversational moments.  One in particular my kids and I would like to share with the world, because its a great thing for us all to remember, and we accidentally came up with a fabulous saying that will make it stick in your mind like… well, cheese.  Because cheese is good, and anyway, that’s what our message is about.

We’ve got this great thing going where we get all cozy in my bedroom at bedtime and read from the children’s scriptures together, say our family prayer, and then read from another book.  This gives me wonderful opportunities to feed them literary genius they otherwise would be unlikely to seek out or sit through.  Its a sacred time, and they’re usually sleepy, so they’ll typically cuddle up and listen to whatever I happen to feel like reading.  Usually we read classic children’s stories or folk tales from various cultures.  Today I decided to take a chance and read from The Spiritual Experiences of Lorenzo Snow.  (You can get it for yourself here.)  So, we’re reading along in the first story and my kids ask what a Patriarch is, and of course, in my explanation we get onto the subject of Patriarchal blessings, which led me to share my own Blessing with them.  This is all foreshadowing, here is the point…  I’m reading along and the mention of “choice spirits” comes up.  We start talking about what it means to be a choice spirit.  I shared with them that they are SO special, they were sent to earth in this final dispensation, to prepare the world for the coming of the Savior.

Now, freeze there, and rewind back to the mention of cheese.  Stay with me here!  My kids LOVE cheese (who doesn’t?).  We eat a mostly vegan diet and are very careful about the animal products we do consume.  So, on occasion, we will eat some raw goat cheese.  We like to use it to make veggie pizzas on sprouted grain bagels or all veggie lasagna with eggplant and zucchini “noodles”, or we’ll grate it over veggies that have been tossed in pasta sauce or some such thing… Anyway, when cheese is offered up, my kids will strip it off the food and pile it up on the side.  When they’ve finished everything else, they will stuff all of the cheese into their mouths, delighting in the indulgence of that final, sensational, rich-salty-melty bite of goodness.

So I say to them, “God chose to save the best for last, he chose YOU.”  And my daughter says, “Like the pile of cheese at the end of the meal?”  “YES!  EXACTLY!  You are the pile of cheese!”

So to you, those living at this epic time, our message to you is this:  Your Father in Heaven LOVES you, immeasurably!  He has created you to become God’s and Goddesses.  He has given you the gifts of His own greatest attributes.  He has made you in His image.  And, he has saved you to come to earth at this specific time because you are the most choice of his spirits.  He has saved the best for last, YOU are the very best, YOU are the pile of cheese!

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