Volumes of Love: Introduction


Most people can’t get enough of love romanticized, but few people are ever interested in what love really is.  Probably to those select who really know true love, it would seem a foolish thing to analyze.  Maybe love is best let be.  But see, I’ve been on this quest to discover why it is that I fear love, why it is that I can neither express it fully, nor feel it from others; why I have always felt unloved.  Essentially, I want more than anything to love better, and I quickly realized that not only do I not know how to do that, but that really I’m not sure I even know what love is.  And so began my journey to love, marked by study, prayer, pondering, and experimentation.  Recently I’ve begun to feel like what I’m learning is so fundamental and so neglected and long forgotten, that it would be criminal to keep it to myself.  So I decided to share it here, with all of you.  There’s no telling how long these essays will go on, as there’s no telling how long my journey will be.  As it stands I’m not sure a single person can really have all the right answers on this subject, but I will present my opinions here in hope that they will be thought provoking, and I hope you’ll share yours too.

Are we ready to change our hearts, and change the world?  Here we go…


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