Thoughts on “Sssshhhh-ing”


Just finished listening to an online call with Giuditta Tornetta, whose book, Painless Childbirth, I’ve been reading throughout my pregnancy.  Her book is very thought provoking.  Basically, she has made connections between the Chakras and the Basic Human Rites and each fits with a specific month of pregnancy.  Its truly fascinating and insightful.

Anyway, she was talking about how we treat our babies during the moments following birth.  This is a time of intimate communication between mother and child, each admiring the innate beauty of the other.   One of the main ways babies communicate is through crying, and most of us (due to societal conditioning) will respond to a crying baby by hushing them.  We may try to soothe them with a “sssshhhhh” or say something along the lines of, “Please don’t cry, its okay.”  And of course this is well meaning, but do we realize what we are doing?  Are we aware of the impact?  Our child is born and is attempting to communicate with us, to express to us what his/her journey into this world was like and the very first thing we’re saying to them is, “no.”  Do we want the first message we give to our child to be, “No, do not express yourself”?  After all, one of the basic human rites is the rite to have a voice and to be heard.

Perhaps this struck me so profoundly because I’ve known for several months EXACTLY what I want the first thing I say to my baby, Zain, to be.  I don’t know why this is, it isn’t something I ever thought about with my other babies.  It just came to me one night and I’ve rehearsed the moment over and over in my head ever since.  I pray that when that moment comes I will be physically able and have the courage to say it despite the spectators present.  I really would like for everyone to just disappear, except my husband and my children, for just a moment the second the baby is handed to me so that I can give him this powerful message.  Stay tuned for the birth story and you may get to hear what that message is!  ; )

I just wanted to encourage everyone to think about the messages we send our children and to open up more consciousness toward our words.  These are phenomenal spirits, set apart from any the world has yet seen.  May we give them messages of love, acceptance, and respect.

birth coen

First moments with our 3rd child, Coen.


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