My Latest Food Obsession


Its been long, long time since I posted anything food related.  Food just becomes an obstacle when I’m pregnant, a necessary torment, not at all the joyful hobby it normally is for me.  Very few things taste really incredible to me but lately I’ve been totally into this drink… I pretty much want it all of the time.  I’ve even had multiple dreams about it.  Yes.  Its THAT good.  And its healthy and super easy to make.  My newest favorite way to start the day… we call it Sunshine Juice, because that’s what it looks and feels like.

We make a Vitamix full of it and that serves myself and my husband each about 16 oz and, each of our 3 kinds about 10 oz (between you and me, I always have to fight the temptation to steal my husband’s share).  Here is the family size portion, feel free to make yourself a whole lot of it and keep it in the fridge for all day sip-age.   I would, if I didn’t have hungry minions afoot.

juice from 12 small ripe oranges (adjust accordingly for size of oranges, about 24 oz of juice)

frozen pineapple up to almost the top of the Vitamix (or whatever blender you use, a Vitamix holds 64 oz)

Blend well

If I had to guess at an individual portion I would say use the juice from 2-3 oranges and 2 or so large handfuls of frozen pineapple.  It will be more like a slushy than a juice.



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