By this blog you will be a witness to the many adventures (and misadventures) of a woman and her family as they explore and learn together.  Here you will discover the inner depths of a seeking woman’s soul, the pains and joys of her life, and also many interesting insights and tips for healthy, natural living and attachment parenting… you’ll even be treated to tasty recipes… and maybe, just maybe, the occasional craft.

Our family:  We are a family of 6 living in the hot, prickly, gorgeous sun-sety awesomeness of the Sonoran Desert. We consist of myself, my husband, our daughter, our 3 sons, our hefty, affectionate Bully Pit, Canyon, and my little tortoise, Tortellini.   We are a homeschooling family (Thomas Jefferson Education method with random phases of unschooling).  We love to be active and are outdoors every chance we get.  Our favorite things to do together as a family are to explore nature, run hiking trails, and climb mountains. My husband owns his own Chiropractic office with a good friend of ours in our little town and loves what he does.  My children and I eat a very healthy diet.  I don’t like to label such things, but if I must I’d call it “high raw, mostly vegan, occasionally vegetarian” diet (because we do occasionally eat eggs and some goat dairy).  Essentially I live a deep-cell cleansing lifestyle.  We practice attachment parenting and all of our children have been born at home in the water with a midwife in attendance.  We are Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) who strive to live our standards and to learn to be Christ-like.  We tend to be somewhat minimalist and like to keep things as simple as possible.  I am a health enthusiast, Energy Healer, Detox Counselor, Wellness Coach and freelance writer.  You can find more information about what I do by visiting my website.




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