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30 Day Weight Loss & Healing #1- My Journey Overview


As a healer, it has always been my goal to be able to help those who have not been able to heal by traditional/mainstream means. Those who have searched and searched, been to countless doctors, spent many thousands of dollars on supplements, tried a variety of diets, etc. and still are not well. I’m interested in helping these people because I am one.
I haven’t written about my experiences very actively over the past 3 years, but once upon a time I was 28 years old and very, very, VERY sick. I was so sick that I knew I would die before age 35 if I didn’t figure out why and how to fix it. I had been to many doctors, they offered me no diagnosis aside from IBS, and no help or hope. I was obese, I was swollen around my joints, which were inflamed and painful. I was fatigued all of the time, it didn’t matter how much I slept. I was in severe pain in my back and neck muscles and had headaches so intense that I would take 3 Ibuprofen upon waking and then lay on the couch for 30 minutes covering my eyes waiting for them to take the edge off the pain. Taking the edge off enabled me to attend to the basic needs of my children. I would take another 3 pills in the afternoon, and another 3 in the evening. That was the only way I could function even a little bit. I started blacking out randomly and having lengthy dizzy spells, often lasing for days at a time, with such intensity I had to hang on to things to move around the house. After my third baby was born was the worst. That was a very dark time in my life. “Luckily” that baby had such horrible colic for 5 months that I changed my diet quiet a bit as I tried to find the offending food. In the end it turned out the culprit was bananas, of all things, but the process got me off of dairy and sugar at least! I lost 20 lbs from those subtle dietary changes by the time he was 6 months old. That’s when I discovered raw vegan diets and read several books on that from our library. I spent the next month reading and doing an Isagenix cleanse (I had done a number of them over several years before but this was the only 30 I had done) to prepare my body for change. If I remember correctly I lost about 12-15 lbs in that month on that cleanse. This was the last Isagenix cleanse I would ever do. My health had improved noticeably. This was June 2009. July 1, 2009 I started my raw journey. I began slow by adding good things into my diet. The first thing I changed was starting my day with a huge green smoothie instead of the whey protein shake I’d relied on for many years. I never had any intention of going vegan, I loved meat and felt I needed it to be healthy, so I had planned on keeping a portion of meat at dinner time with everything else eventually being raw. I had always eaten what the world would consider and healthy balanced dinner; a serving of lean meat, a starch (potato, rice, homemade bread, etc.), and salad and /or steamed vegetables. As I transitioned my salads grew larger and I ate less and less of the starch and steamed vegetables, so I mostly ate salad and meat for dinner. My body changed dramatically over those first 4 months. As my health improved I gained the ability to discern how different food affected me. Every night I would have stomach pain after dinner. This happened for about a month before I accepted that it might be the meat and removed that and put a potato or steamed vegetable back in its place. From the day I made that change I never had a stomach ache after dinner again. I’ve tried eating meat a number of times over the years and it never does go over well with my body or my spirit. I became big into green smoothies and then started juicing, which catapulted my healing in a big way. Eventually I got into colon cleansing with water and that increased the speed of my healing as well. My skin was clear after years of painful face and back acne, I had energy, I lost 73 lbs, I had no need for pain medication because I was no longer in pain, my perspective on the world changed from dark and fearful to light and hopeful, I became an inspiration to others and I started doing Wellness Coaching which eventually led into Detox Counseling, specifically. Detox was my life. I still had some issues with weak digestion (bloating, gas, constipation, hemorrhoids) and low blood sugar, but all else was well and I was still working on those things.
And then I got pregnant with the 4th child. This was autumn of 2012. I had spent the summer rebounding and running and doing The Shred with Jillian Michaels… I was a 5’7″ 120 lb hyped-up-on-life machine of awesomeness… until the 7th week of the pregnancy. I went down. Way, way, waaaay down. As I did with all of my pregnancies, each one worse than the last. I was sure I was going to have the most amazing, fit, life-force infused pregnancy. I was sure I was going to be glowing and still running in my 8th month and tiny all over with a cute round bump. Not so. Whatever it was that caused my pregnancies to be so terrible was still there in force. I was sick the entire pregnancy. I could not eat healthy, I could not get down juice or vegetables. I could eat some fruit. I spent the whole 9 months eating whatever I could get in. It was survival. I was on bedrest almost the entire time with preterm labor. I was anemic. I could breathe but felt like I was suffocating the entire time. I had intense ligament pain on the sides of my tummy if I sat upright for more than a few minutes. I went into labor every time I got up. So I ended up spending the last few months laying down upstairs in my bedroom. We had moved to Arizona during my 6th month and my husband graduated Chiropractic College and went to WA to do his preceptorship for 2 months. I was alone in a new place, with my 3 kids, on bedrest and miserable. I became very depressed and had a lot of anxiety. And it was very lonely being isolated in my bedroom for months.
I was SO relieved when the baby was born. I had a birth that was absolutely awesome and very emotionally healing. That birth erased all the trauma from my second birth (which had also affected my 3rd birth). I felt I could accomplish anything and I was sure that the weight would come right off and within 6-8 weeks I would be a size 2 again and be back out there running and loving life. Well, that baby just turned 3 last week. Today I’m about the same weight I was after his birth. I lost some of the pregnancy weight during the first year but it came back on. I’ve done a handful of cleanses and have juiced all that I can now that I have 4 kids on my hands all hours of the day. Honestly, healthy eating is much more challenging for me with 4 children than it was with 3. I’m exhausted. Life has been very stressful. I went through about 2 years of extreme depression, which brought me through several periods of being suicidal. I never have yet been able to regain the health I was enjoying prior to the last pregnancy. I feel I should go on record here and say I would absolutely do it all over again for the child that came of it! He is amazing and I am as in love with him every moment of every day as I was that first day when I pushed him out of my body and brought him up out of the water with my own hands. He is my little friend who makes every day worth the struggle.
I have been able to identify a few reasons why I’m having these issues. #1 I’ve had Epstein Barr virus since I was about 7 years old. Its activated by hormones (um, pregnancy!). I was not aware of this until recently, and it is very common. #2 I was recently diagnosed with the MTHFR gene mutation. I have 2 copies of the mutation, which means that it comes from both sides of my family and means that I don’t get 70% of the folic acid my body needs to function. It also means that I’ve got massive amounts of homocystine causing a ruckus all over my body, putting me at risk of heart attack, blocking my D3 receptors so that I’m severely D3 deficient. And also my body can’t detox heavy metals very well, so I’ve got heavy metal toxicity in my gut. In addition, I have a mutation of the SUOX gene. #3 These gene mutations cause some fun autoimmune disorders which, in myself, have thus far been identified as fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, and lupus. Epstein Barr also contributes to symptoms of Hashimotos. No wonder I’m exhausted and overweight, huh?!! #4  I have an intolerance to just about every food known to man.  #5 I’m holding on to a whole lot of weight and sickness because of many factors in my life that my body has interpreted as “scarcity.” (More on that in the next post).

The good news: Every one of these things can be corrected. This is not a life sentence.

This is a brief history so you can understand where I am coming from and a bit of what my journey has been like. The next post will be geared toward healing and what I will be doing moving forward, which can also be a massive benefit to you!

P.S. I am 36 years old, I didn’t die at 35! I 100% attribute this to the grace of God as He has led me through my healing journey.
P.S.S. Isn’t it interesting that my healing journey originally began on July 1, 2009 and today is July 1, 2014. Coincidence? I don’t believe in those!



Hold your applause.

I’m not pregnant.


Also sporting my victory marks for carrying 3 big babies : )

No, this is the hard work of a life-long weak digestive system, complicated by compulsive eating, stress, and a whole lot of sugar, dairy, meat and grain.

I try to argue with the people who attempt to praise me for my eating habits.  “You’re so GOOD!”  They say.  “I couldn’t never do what you do!”  Yeah, but guys, I make no secret about it, I have a tortilla chip addiction.

Stop laughing.  It’s a serious problem.

Maybe you’re thinking if an occasional tortilla chip binge is all the defense ammo I’ve got I should just sit down and shut up.  But the things is, there’s so much more to it than that.  Sure, for the past 3+ years I’ve been eating a whole lot of healthy food.  That’s great.  Yay me.  But what so many people don’t realize is that even after years of eating well, we’re still carrying around all that bad stuff we ate before.  Did you know you only eliminate, at best, 60% of most of the foods that you eat?  You probably eat about 1,095 meals a year.  That’s a lot of build-up.  This is why one of the basic principals of health is “waste equals weight.”  Clearly, there is excess weight on my abdomen.  The rest of my body is a size 2.  My abdomen is a size 18.  That is not natural.  That is a belly full of putrefied food, yeast, and carbonic gas.  And let me tell you something, it hurts.  There are sharp chronic pains in 2 areas of my colon, the rest is very tender to touch, and I feel like a balloon about to burst.  I’ve been bloated like this almost every single day for the past 15 years.  My whole life my abdomen has been distended, but 15 years ago is when it really began to be uncomfortable and wouldn’t go down for anything.   In my world there exists only 2 clothing ensembles.  Yoga pants and pjs.


It started at birth (though probably before that as I’m sure it truly began genetically).  By the time I was 2 weeks old my mom gave up trying to relieve me of gas and stomach pain and took me to the doctor.  He told her water gave me gas.  Gee, doc, it couldn’t have been the baby formula?  Lack of even a single drop of breastmilk?  Or the water she was feeding me that was actually “sugar water” given to her by the nurses at the hospital?  No, water was the culprit.  The one thing entering my body that naturally exists in my body. (Eyes roll)

So I grew up rather sickly.  Always weak and tired.  Prone to depression.  I had a panic disorder and OCD.  Was always very tense and high strung.  I was addicted to sugar and chocolate.  By the time I was in my teens I was diagnosed with IBS and had chronic post nasal drip, which resulted in several tonsil infections each year.  I had painful periods.  At the age of 12 I developed an intense pain in the right side of my neck, at my 2nd cervical vertebrae.  This pain was so intense that from that point on, up until 3 years ago, I took ibuprofen upon waking and got to the point where I was taking 9 pills a day just to take the edge off the pain so that I could function enough to take care of the basic needs of my children.  The pain was blinding and sickening, not only in my neck but up through my ear, jaw, into my temporalis, and across my eyes. Even daily Chiropractic adjustments have not eased this pain.  In my late 20s I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  From about the age of 17 I believed I had a problem with Candida, but all the doctors I saw scoffed at this.  No one would help me.  Every doctor I went to told me either that is was “all in my head” or that it was caused by stress.

(There are many more afflictions that I suffered, this is just a sampling to give you an idea of where I’m coming from.)

After 3 years high-raw my health has improved quite a bit, and I lost 70 lbs.  But I’m still not where I want to be.  I’ve tried everything that I know of that I have the means to do.  What I desperately need that I’m not able to get is colon hydrotherapy, but I am working on getting a home unit and hope to not only learn to self-administer, but I am also hoping to get certified as a colon hydrotherapist this coming January.  It takes a whole lot of cleansing to get out all the garbage we’ve put in our bodies, about 15 colonics per year that we ate heavy cooked foods.  I do daily enemas just to keep on top of the bloating pain so that it doesn’t get too out of control, and to avoid constipation, but I really need so much more.  I’ve spent 3 years awakening waste and I feel like it’s all just piled up in my colon, stuck like tar.  An enema can’t move much of that.


Who knows who Natalia Rose is?  She is my mentor, and a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent woman.  You really should read her books.  Anyway, I asked a question a few weeks ago that she responded to.  The question was specifically about my chronic hemorrhoid problem.  She explained how hemorrhoids are like that last symptom, the end of the digestive tract.  If you’ve got them, you’ve got bigger issues within the rest of the tract.  She suggested a 10-day juice fast, followed by 10 days on blended foods, followed by the strictest version of her Detox 4 Women plan.  I was pretty much exasperated, anxious, and defeated as I heard this.  I mean, it makes perfect sense.  Go on digestive rest.  Give the tract a chance to heal.  Wonderful.  I’ve been wanting very much to do a juice fast for several years and have a goal to do a 90-day fast at some point.  However, I’m so severely hypoglycemic I can rarely even make it all the way to lunch on just juice.  I want to.  Really, I do

So, as is typical of me, I pondered.  And then I devised a plan.  I always have a plan, and a great many lists to go along with it.  My name is Holly Wolfley, and I am an obsessive preparation-oholic.

Here’s what I’m thinking.  I can start off doing a whole lot of juice, some blended food, and still keep some well cooked veggies in there twice a day for 10-days.  I’m really taking my time with this because this will be adhering to the Detox 4 Women systemic plan, which every time I’ve attempted it has left me with dangerous low blood sugar levels.  After those 10-days I will do 5 days of just blended foods and juice.  Next, I will do 5-10 days of just juice.  I may do 5, take a few days back on blended, and do another 5 on just juice.  Or, if my body responds well I will just do 10 straight through.  During this time I will also work to regenerate my adrenals.  I’m hoping to find some friends to help with my children during the fast and plan to lay low, sleep and rest a lot, surround myself with positive energy, and indulge in Kundalini Yoga, detox foot soaks, and castor oil packs.  After the 10-days of fasting I will ease out by going back to 5 days of blended food, followed by 5 days of mostly juice and blended but bringing back 1 or 2 soft cooked vegetable meals, and then will move into the systemic Detox 4 Women cleanse until I feel I’m ready to go back to incorporating some fruit in my diet.  At which point I will start with 1 piece of low sugar fruit and feel it out.  Now, I’m going into this with a very open mind.  Although I have it well planned out (lots of lists printed out for my daily reference) I’m basically going to move at the pace my body needs, with the goal of reaching a point where I can juice fast for at least 3 days at some point.  My main purpose is just to give my body as much digestive and adrenal rest as it will allow me at all times.

Stay tuned, there will be much more to come on this topic and I will be blogging my journey.  Hopefully from the comfort of my cozy bed while breathing deeply and enjoying some quiet, restful moments.

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